Our Mission

We're taking on the future challenges of food production with today's technology

If the world continues on its current path, projections suggest that the world may face a 40 per cent shortfall in water availability by 2030. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Facing this harsh reality, Brik Labs intends to build ready-to-grow closed loop indoor greenhouses. They will feature an orchestration of stable aquaponic systems and fully automated functionality powered by solar panel technology. The entire process of planting, maintaining and harvesting plants (and potentially fish) will be fully automated with minimal human interference required.

Reduce transportation, increase quality

Briks will be built for anyone and anywhere, regardless of external conditions. This will allow local Brik owners and consumers access to healthier and fresher vegetables, fruits and freshwater proteins.

Increase sustainability

Briks will consume a fraction of resources compared to traditional farming. Solar panels will collect the energy required to power the entire system (backup generators are being considered), and water is recycled throughout the whole system, requiring very little replenishing.


November, 2019

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